Your First Visit

Want to get going quickly on your first visit? What to do before you come:


This only needs to be done before your first visit. It will be kept on file afterwards, although we will ask you to resign it once per year. Note: ONLY legal guardians or parents can sign a waiver for someone under 19 years old.

Read the Kids & Youth FAQ for more info about this.

What to Bring

  • A water bottle
  • Climbing shoes, chalk block or liquid chalk (no loose chalk), and harness if you have them  (Otherwise rentals are available so bring thin socks if you are renting shoes)
  • Athletic clothes; no skirts or dresses please.
  • Credit card, cash, or debit card

What to Do When You Get Here

Head straight for our reception which is upstairs in the northwest corner of the mall. You will be greeted by a staff member who will ask if you’ve climbed at the co-op before and ask you a few question about your level of experience. Then we’ll get you checked in, get you to sign the waiver (if you haven’t already online), and take your payment.

Getting Your Equipment

If you didn’t bring your own equipment, then a staff member will assist you in finding a pair of climbing shoes, and a harness if you plan to top rope.  Your climbing shoes are meant to feel very snug (more than you’re used to with shoes). They’re generally worn without socks, but for rentals, you must bring a pair of socks to use with them.

Fall Safety, Belay Assessment, and Gym Orientation

After you’ve got your climbing shoes on, our staff will explain the safe way to jump and land on the bouldering mats, as well as go over some gym rules. We’ll also explain how bouldering works, and how the routes are set for beginners up to advanced and how to choose the best routes for you.

Then we’ll head downstairs for an orientation.

If you already know how to belay someone (ie manage the other end of the rope so your friend doesn’t fall), then we can assess your skill now and then you’ll be good to use the top rope wall.

If you do not know how to belay or need a refresher, you will need to come back at a time that we are running belay lessons. For now, enjoy bouldering, or climbing the top rope wall (ie. but not belaying).

Note: If you only ever intend to boulder when you visit the gym, you don’t actually have to do a belay assessment at all. But if you plan to become a member, all members 14 and older must be belayed certified for safety reasons. 

Note for kids & parents:

Parents of children under 16 will need to be present and listening during the fall safety, belay assessment, and orientation, as you will be responsible for supervising your children while they climb. You will also need to learn how spot your child in the bouldering area while they are climbing.  You can read more about supervising children while they climb in the Kids & Youth FAQ.

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