All Access Memberships

Become a gym member! With a monthly pass, you get unlimited access to the gym 7 days a week between 5 am and 11 pm.

And at only $65 per month for an adult, you only need to use the gym 4 times per month to make this great value! It would be silly not to.

Adult pass = $65 per month
Youth pass = $55 per month
Family pass (families of 3 or more) = $45 per month per person

One time setup fee = $30 per person, or $20 per family member

How It Works

When you sign up to become a member, we keep your credit card on our secure system and you will be charged monthly. You will also pay a one-time membership activation fee which includes your access fob ($30 per person, or $20 per person on a family plan).

The fob allows you access to the gym at any time between 5 am to 11 pm (this includes a combo of staffed public drop-in time, and non-staffed member-only hours).

The entrance for off-hours is at the back of the mall, on Walnut street across from Elements Movement.

When you show up to climb, please head upstairs to reception and scan your member card at the reception desk. Please remember to keep your key fob with you, as you will need it to go back and forth between our upstairs and downstairs parts of the gym or to use the bathrooms. Don’t lock yourself out (this can easily happen).

Members are highly encouraged to have their own equipment (especially shoes). Click here to read why. But rental shoes and equipment are available to members by donation, as long as they are kept organized and respected.

Feel free to put your own tunes on the speakers (please choose respectful music), and have a great time. If you are the last to leave, please turn out all the lights and please turn off all heat and fans.

Keep It Members Only & Stick to the Rules

Please do not let anyone into the building or the gym during member-only hours, including family, friends, and spectators. Only members, board members, and staff are allowed access during off-hours, and they will have key fobs. If they are a member, they will have their own working fob (or they are a youth member accompanied by an adult member with a fob).

You also cannot bring your non-member friends to climb during off-hours — either get them to join the gym so you can crush together, or climb with them during public hours.

For safety reasons, you also may not climb (well, boulder, really) if you are the only one in the facility.

These and all other gym rules must be minded effectively by all members during staffed and non-staffed hours.

Remember — by being a member you are an owner of the gym, so treat it like your home and other members with respect. Keep it clean and be safe.

Risky, dangerous, unwelcoming, or destructive behaviour will lead to your membership being revoked, and in worse case scenarios, lead to the gym having to close.

There Are Cameras

There are cameras throughout the gym and the mall so board members can see who is coming and going, and what’s going on. So be good! 😉

More Facts & FAQs:

Youth Pass Holders

Members under 19 can become monthly pass holders, but they can’t get their own FOB.

Youth pass holders under 19 who want to climb during off-hours must come with another monthly pass holder with a FOB who is 19+.

Youth pass holders 15 and under must come during off hours with one or more 19+ paying members with a FOB, and child-parent ratios must be abided by. Please mind your kids — keep them safe and respect other climbers.

If you have kids, please read more in the Kids & Youth FAQ page.

Private Bookings and Events

Sometimes there may be private bookings or events in which the gym will not be open to members during the usual member only hours (or it will, but it will be crowded). Check the calendar and watch for emails about these things.

Emergency, First Aid, & Safety

In the name of safety, every pass holder 14 or over is required to be belay certified before they can become a member, whether you plan to use the top rope wall or not. As per usual rules, anyone under 14 cannot belay.

If you are new to belaying and need a belay lesson, you will also be required to come in a couple of times during drop-in hours to practice before you will be issued your access fob.

Keep your cellphone nearby in case there is an emergency (as we do not have a landline available).

Under the front counter in a basket is the First Aid Kit and ice packs for any minor injuries.

Upstairs there is a fire extinguisher mounted by the door. Downstairs, there is a fire extinguisher mounted just outside the door in the lobby.

The Family Rate

In order to qualify for the family rate ($45 per person), these are the guidelines:

  • Must be at least three people
  • Must be a combination of at least one youth and a maximum of two legal parents/guardians or primary caregivers.
  • The youths on the pass must live together under the same household (even if their guardians live apart)

Can I put my pass on hold?

Yes, you can put your pass on hold for $8 per month with a one month minimum.


Must be done in writing at least 15 days before your next payment. Email to let us know you would like your gym pass canceled.

Note you should consider putting it on hold instead — if you cancel and re-ignite your pass later, you will need to re-pay the membership activation fee.

I Lost My Fob. Now What?

Email us at right away so we can cancel the fob and ensure it can’t be used to access the gym by someone else.  Don’t worry, we won’t be mad at you!

Then come back into the gym during staffed hours to get a replacement fob. Replacement fobs cost $15.

Can I pay cash?

Nope. The charge is an automatic payment that is withdrawn off your credit card each month. With our limited staffing, we can’t deal with the administration of policing cash memberships.

We also reserve the right to charge a damages fee for any damages caused or loss incurred by you or other members under your supervision while climbing after hours at the co-op. So sorry, we need yo’ card.

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